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Do you want to set up a Novel Nation Library in your office space, home or locality?


Here is what you have to do!

  • Register yourself in our reading community 

  • We will help you to set up the Novel Nation Library for you, you own it and continue to spearhead the awesome initiative

  • We add you to our network and we will facilitate the book sharing

Why Partner with us?

By associating with us, our partner enjoys,

  • A positive association with a transformational movement, which fosters the reading community and improves the reading practices among people

  • A visible, interactive and ongoing presence in your place through physical Novel Nation Libraries which is customizable based on the partner requirement

  • An avenue to connect with people of different ages and backgrounds, which in turn gives a positive outlook to your brand since you promote and embrace reading for everyone

Join us today to begin a movement that will reach your customers in memorable ways and instills reading while helping strengthen communities and increase access to the book to every customer who visits you!

Be proud and join hands with us for the cause of reading

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