Our Novel Story

How we started

As a tech company, DCKAP always strives to learn and grow alongside the ecosystem where we thrive. To that effect, one such initiative we organized is Lit’s Meet.


We undertook this initiative to collaborate with fellow readers, encourage them, and impart the importance of reading in order to make a positive impact.

Lit's Meet

It’s amazing to know that we had over 300 books swapped. We were even given over 40 books from a single reader with only one book swap. 

A reader purchased a book out of his pocket and shared with us to support our cause. Whoever listened to us about our initiative, they appreciated what we were doing and shared the message with their friends and family.


Many visited back again for more book sharing.

There were regular readers to our stall that visited every day to see our collections and to support us.


There were authors who left their books for promotion and took ours to promote sharing in return. Co stall members visited our booth and donated some books.


We had at least 5 members waiting before 11 AM in front of our booth to share books. Even the BAPASI admin told us that people were waiting outside our booth every day, and a lot of enquiries had been made on book sharing.


It has been a challenge, but we love to see how much our initiative has grown in such a short period

Our Novel Nation Initiative

“Take a Book” is a book sharing movement, which inspires and motivates reading and aims to build a continuing reading community in our neighborhood by exchange of books through Novel Nation's Libraries.

A Novel Nation Library is a free book-sharing spot, with a small shelf/library where anyone may take a book , share a book or leave their old books. You do not need to leave a book in order to take one, as our aim is to help promoting reading.

Our Novel Nation Libraries are unique because they are each customized to where they are placed, and they allow readers to connect at a common point.


Our aim is to connect people of different areas through books.